Showroom of Contemporary Sound

Studentski centar Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Croatia

The Showroom of Contemporary Sound is an annual festival for contemporary music held in Zagreb that presents interesting and challenging projects in the field of New Music. Without limiting itself to genres or specific style Showroom promotes and presents musical developments as well as the technology and production of new, homemade instruments and software.
Showroom is particularly aimed at young musicians and composers without making a distinction between the academically trained and non-academics. It will, for instance, promote dialog, collaboration and the exchange of ideas and the music professionals will have lots of scope for experiments. This open style makes it possible for the festival to constantly change and direct its focus on the current tendencies in the field of New Music.
Featured on the program are concerts, audio-visual performances, intermedia and multimedia projects, tonal artworks and panel discussions. In 2016 numerous artists and music groups will be hosted here including, for instance, the Black Page Orchestra – a young Austrian ensemble who will perform the compositions of Elena Rykova, Stefan Prins, Mirela Ivičević, Brigitta Muntendorf and others – as well as the Croatian duo JMZM and the Phoenix Ensemble Basel.

In the month leading up to the festival supported by the EvS Music Foundation musicologist and university professor Nikša Gligo will be holding weekly lectures. The focus here will be on evaluation criteria, perception and the social reception of New Music as well as the relationship between academic and the so-called underground or alternative New Music scene.


May 4 – 7, 2016
Theatre &TD, Zagreb
MM Centre, Zagreb
French Pavilion, Zagreb

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