Photo: Stefan Fuhrer


Composition Commission issued to Clemens Gadenstätter

Klangforum Heidelberg, Germany

This composition commission issued to Clemens Gadenstätter allows listeners the opportunity to enjoy an unusual yet widely accessible exploration of the fate and work of still largely unknown artist and psychiatric patient Julius Klingebiel. Born in Hannover Klingebiel spent 1939 until his death in 1965 as an occupant of Lower Saxony’s nerve clinic where between 1951 and 1961 he painted his cell 117 at the hospital Landeskrankenhaus Göttingen entirely in the style of art brut; from an art history perspective now considered a unique piece of spatial art this work is a significant example of today’s so-called outsider art.
The work die zelle – für Vokalisten, Instrumente und Elektronic (the cell – for vocalists, instruments and electronics) takes the life and work of Julius Klingebiel as its cue. The cell, the cramped nature of the room and the vast spread of notional, reflective and projectional worlds achieved by Klingebiel’s art all form the key focus here. The space gives rise to narration and language material, musical sound worlds, material and structure

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