Photo: Marc Doradzillo


urban sounds – What does Gentrification sound like?

ensemble recherche, Freiburg, Germany

Rising rents and inner-city densification are not just topics of political debate in Berlin, Frankfurt and Freiburg.
In 2022 ensemble recherche will be providing a soundtrack to gentrification processes by issuing new composition commissions that trigger relevant societal and artistic impulses. The ensemble’s role here is not just the performance itself but also thoughtful accompaniment and creative collaboration within the composition process. This will bring about new works by Annesley Black, Sara Glojnarić, Charles Kwong and Hannes Seidl reflecting many different influences: the transitions between musical theater, installation and chamber music are just as fluid here as the influences of pop music, the avantgarde and media art are colorful. And as varied as the four composers are, they are nevertheless united by their relationship with urban life in today’s globalized world and by a thoughtful compositional treatment. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is funding the composition commissions.

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