Photo: Helge Krueckeberg


Composition Commissions issued to Sebastian Claren and Rashad Becker

Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Berlin, Germany


The Unbox (ClearSkiesRemix) concert picks up on the topic of buffering by repeating the events of the past: the Unboxconcert held in 2016 as part of the Unmöglichkeit series and the Unbox (ClearSkiesRemix) concert itself. The latter is ‘repeated’ after its performance by a string quartet: played by the composer Rashad Becker on electronic instruments.

Sebastian Claren’s composition Saturn A deals with discarded, leftover sounds, sounds that you overlook because everyone knows them (or can at least imagine them), sounds that behave like a kind of dirty, neglected underside to our consciously groomed notions of sound. Here it is not about quiet, hard to distinguish or vague manifestations. Quite the opposite, it is about fully defined, striking and in some cases also dynamically explosive sound phenomena. Saturn A for solo cello is a concentrated version of the Unbox (ClearSkiesRemix) concert and a conclusion to the first part.

Rashad Becker’s composition o.T. for 4 strings and vocoder is the second part and, at the same time, the repetition of Unbox (ClearSkiesRemix). Forming Rashad Becker’s basis material are previously played and recorded sounds of the music of Lachenmann, Beethoven, Billone, Spahlinger, Moe, Webern and Claren. They trigger his system of a variety of vocoders networked with each other in an unstable way. He shapes their sounds and noises into a peculiar composition that he performs himself in concert. o.T. can be heard as an echo of what has previously been heard and, at the same time, as a piece of work independent from the initial material. The EvS Music Foundation is supporting the composition commissions for Saturn A and o.T..


June 15 and 16, 2017
Radialsystem V, Berlin


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