Music Theatre Works

Fremd (2005-2006)
music theatre for soprano, choir, instrumentalists and live-electronics, Sopr., Choir (8 Basses), Tr., Tromb., 2 Perc., Guit., Pno, Vlc., Max/Msp-Patch

Orchestra Works 

1 2 three 4 (2009), 30’
for large orchestra, Premiere: April 2010, Münchener Biennale 

Affirmation/Auslöschung (1999-2002), 19’
for Soloists, Orchestra and prerecorded Sounds 

Rauschen (1998), 14’
For two Speakers and Orchestra 

Ensemble Works 

Ausruff (2007), 17’
for large Ensemble, Fl. (+Picc), Ob. (+Engl. Hrn.); Clar. (Bb+Eb); Bass-Clar. (+Bb-Clar.); Picc.-Tr.; Tr.; Tromb; 2 Perc.; Harp; Guitar; Pno; 2 Vln.; Vla.; 2 Vlc.; Bass 

Kontrapunkt 1-3 (1999-2000), 13’
for Ensemble, Fl. (+Picc); Clar. (Bb); Bassn.;Tr.; Tromb; 2 Perc.; Pno; Vln.; Vla.; Vlc.; Bass; CD-Player 

Chamber Music

Lied (2007-2008), 12’
for Saxophone, Vibraphone, Piano 

Bebungen (2006), 13’
String Trio, Vln, Vla, Vlc. 

Stücke Charakter (2005), 15’
for six instruments, Ob.; Bass-Clar (+Bb-Clar.); Pno.; Vln.; Vla.; Vlc. 

noema (2004), 24’
Etude for two prepared pianos 

Momentsmusicaux (2003-2004), 17’
for five instruments, Fl. (+Picc).; Bass-Clar. (+Bb-Clar.); Vla.; Vlc.; Pno. 

wild.thing (2003), 19’
For amplified piano and two percussionist, 2 Perc; Pno; Sound-Projection (mono)

Works for Solo Instruments

Percussion Counterpart (2009), 8’
Rhapsody for four reverbarating sound-objects, Rhapsodie für vier nachklingende Klangkörper 

Piano Counterpart (2008), 12’
for piano solo

Cello Counterpart (2006), 14’
for Violoncello solo