Metall (2007-10) for large orchestra (in progress)
    Commissioned by SWR
    Duration: 9 minutes
    First performance: October 2010, Stuttgart
    SWR Orchestra Stuttgart    

Tightrope Dancer (1996) for orchestra
    Duration: 9 minutes
    First performance: August 18, 1999, Seiji Ozawa Hall - Tanglewood
    TMC Orchestra, cond. by Stefan Asbury


Stratigraphie II (2009-10) for guit, perc, pf vn, va, vc and six loud speakers
    Duration: 13 minutes
    Commissioned by: Commande d’etat du ministère de la culture de France
    First performance: - March 10, Festival Ars musica Bruxelles
    Ensemble Cairn

Paysage sauvage (2009) for tp, trb, 4 perc and loudspeakers
    Duration: 7 minutes
    Commissioned by WDR Köln / Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik
    First performance:    April 24, 2009, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik 
    Ensemble S, Oliver Schneller

Musica ficta (2008) for fl, ob, cl, pf, perc and electronics
    Duration: 9 minutes
    Commissioned by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Wissenschaft Berlin
    First performance:    November 14, 2008, Wien Modern 2008 
    Ensemble Mosaik, Oliver Schneller

Anaclasis (2008) for recorder, trp, sho, pf, vc
    Duration: 8 minutes
    Commissioned by Takefu International Music Festival
    First performance:    September 8, 2008, New Horizons Concert Series Takefu, Japan
    Takefu Soloists, Ken-ichi Nakagawa

Stratigraphie I (2007) for 6 instruments and 6 loud speakers
    Duration: 14 minutes
    Commissioned by DeutschlandRadio / Deutsche Akademie Rom
    First performance:    January 21, 2008, Ultraschall Festival Berlin
    OENM, Johannes Kalitzke

Clair-Obscur (2005-06) for 7 instruments and live-electronics
    Duration: 16 minutes
    Commissioned by Maerzmusik / Berliner Festspiele
    First performance:    March 22, 2002, Kammermusiksaal Berliner Philharmonie, Maerzmusik 2006 ICTUS

Jardin des Fleuves (2003-04) for 16 instruments, two Timées and live-electronics
    Duration: 17 minutes
    Commissioned by IRCAM/Centre Pompidou
    First Performance:    - Dec. 11, 2004, Tremplins, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Pierre-André Valade

Diastema (2001/02) for 14 instruments
    Duration: 12 minutes
    Commissioned by MATA Festival (New York) and Nouvel Ensemble Modern (Montréal)
    First performance:     April 12, 2002, Orensanz Foundation MATA Festival of  Contemporary Music New York
    Phantom Islands (2000) for 14 instruments and electronics
    Duration: 11 minutes
    Commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center / Harvard University (Paul Fromm Award) for the Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music 2000
    First Performance:     - August 13, 2000, Seiji Ozawa Hall - Tanglewood
              TMC Fellows
    Revised version:    - May 19, 2001, Alte Oper - Frankfurt
              Ensemble Modern
            - December 9, 2002, Centre Pompidou - Paris
    Ensemble Intercontemporain

Aqua Vit (1999) for 8 instruments
    Duration: 8 minutes
    Performances:     - April 11, 1999 - New York City
              Speculum musicae


Rugged Space (2009) for accordeon, piano and spatialized sound
    Duration: 12 minutes
    Commissioned by ZKM Karlsruhe
    First performance:    - December 11, 2009 Festival Piano+, ZKM Karlsruhe
              Florian Hoelscher / Anne Holmach
Resonant Space (2007) for 2 pianos and 2 percussions
    Duration: 12 minutes
    Commissioned by WDR Cologne / Witten Tage für Neue Kammermusik
    First Performance:    - April 20, 2007, Witten Tage für Neue Kammermusik 
    Ensemble 2 x 2

Track & Field (2006-07) for piano, four loud speakers and video-projection
    Duration: 11 minutes
    Commissioned by "piano optophonique" with funds provided by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin
    First Performance:    - January 20, 2007, Ultraschall-Festival Berlin, 
Heather O’Donnell

Twilight Dialogues II (2006) for flute, clarinet, viola and piano
    Duration: 10 minutes
    First Performance:    - Dec 15, 2006, Auditorium Roma, 
  Ensemble Recherche

Die Unendliche Feinheit des Raumes (2005) 
    "theatrum sonorum" for organ, hrn, perc & tuba, eight loud speakers and video projection
    Duration: 58 minutes
    First Performance:    - Oct. 14, 2005, 4. Magdeburger Concerte, Kuturfestung Mark, Magdeburg

String Space (2005) for violin, viola, cello and live-electronics
    Duration: 8 minutes
    Commissioned by Ars Nova Music Festival (SWR)
    First Performance:     April 16, 2005, Ars Nova Rottenburg
    KNM Berlin

This is what I am seeing here (2005) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
    Duration: 8 minutes
    Commissioned by Radio France
    First Performance:     May 27, 2005, Radio France - Paris
    Solistes de l’Ensemble Intercontemporain

And Tomorrow (2004) for piano and live-electronics
    Duration: 8 minutes
    Commissioned by Puffin Foundation New York
    First Performance:     March 16, 2004, Maerzmusik Festival 2004, Berlin
Heather O’Donnell

Twilight Dialogues I (2003) for flute, clarinet, viola and percussion
    Duration: 9 minutes
    First Performance:    - May 15, 2003, International Composers Review Belgrade, 

Five Imaginary Spaces (2001) for piano and live-electronics
    Duration: 12 minutes
    First Performance:     - October 26, 2001, Espace de projection, IRCAM - Paris
              Heather O’Donnell
    Topoi (2000) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
    Duration: 9 minutes
    Commissioned by Meet the Composer/Arts Endowment Commissioning Music/USA
    First Performance:     - October 4, 2000, Kennedy Center - Washington, DC Elm City Ensemble

Trio (1999) for accordion, cello and piano
    Duration: 9 minutes
    Commissioned by Composers Concordance, Inc. New York
    First Performance:    - February 25, 1999, Kosciuszko Foundation - New York City
    Mikko Luoma; John Whitfield; Heather O'Donnell

Suite for Four (1999) for Baroque cello, flute, oboe and trumpet
    Duration: 15 minutes
    Commissioned by CrossSound Festival
    First Performance:     - July 10, 1999, Northern Lights Church - Juneau, Alaska
              Phoebe Carrai; Sally Schlichting; Jan Coldwell; Rick Trostel, cond. by Oliver Schneller

Joyce Paraphrases (1998) for amplified string quartet and computer-generated tape
    Duration: 25 minutes
    Commissioned by ARTS&SOCIETY, Inc. with funds provided by Meet the Composer/New England 
    Foundation for the Arts
    Performances:     - June 14, 1998, Katherine Cornell Theatre - Martha's Vineyard, MA
    Whitman String Quartet

Big City Divertimento (1995) for saxophone quartet
    Duration: 9 minutes
    First performance:     - April 4, 1995, New England Conservatory - Boston
              Lenie Saxophone Quartet

Sieben Bilder (1995) for piano
    Duration: 13 minutes
    First Performance:     - November 20, 1995, Jordan Hall - Boston
              Sharon Quo


Cell Cycle (2007) 8.1 Channel electroacoustic composition with video projection
    Duration: 11 minutes
    Commissioned by Karnatic Lab Festival Amsterdam
    First performance: Karnatic Lab Festival 07, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam , April 14, 2007

Voice Space (2007) 6 Channel interactive sound installation
    Commissioned by German Academy Villa Massimo, Rome - Gropius Bau Berlin, March 1, 2007 

Proteus (1999) 2 Channel electroacoustic composition
    Duration: 11 minutes
    Commissioned by Janet McShain
    First performance: "EARTHDAY ‘99" Philadelphia Academy of the Arts - Philadelphia

Bell/Man (1998) 2 Channel electroacoustic composition
    Duration: 7 minutes
    First performance: May 2, CMC Concert Miller Theatre – New York City


Candidum lilium (1997) for 2 sopranos, 2 tenors bass voices, and live electronics
    Duration: 10 minutes
    First performance:     - June 14., Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg – 
Ensemble labia vocalia, Klangregie: Oliver Schneller

Alice Setting (1997) for soprano, choir, percussion, strings and piano
    Duration: 6 minutes
    First performance:     - May 1997, Graduate Center CUNY - New York City
              CUNY Music Students, cond. by Gil Peres

Three Songs after Hopkins, Shelley and Meredith (1994) for soprano and piano
    Duration: 8 minutes
    First performance:     - April 30, 1995, Jordan Hall - Boston
              Monika Yunus; Kate Bowan


Taswir - an Atlas of Sounds (2009): 42 Channel Ambisonics Polyphonic Sound Installation
    Commissioned by ha’atelier Werkstatt für Kunst und Philosophie Berlin / Berliner Festspiele
    November 2009 – January 2010 Gropiusbau Berlin

Lichtkörper (2009): 5.1 Channel Audio-visual Installation
    Commissioned by Netzwerk Neue Musik Dresden
    Collaboration with Alexander Polzin
    November 2009, Societätstheater Dresden

IO (2006): 5.1 Channel Installation
    Duration: 24 minutes
    Commissioned by Curtis Anderson / Gallery Jule Kewenig, Cologne
    First performance: "IO" Galeria Jule Kewenig, Palma de Majorca, Oct. – Nov. 2006

Cento Correnti (2006) 20.1 Channel Sound Installation
    Loop duration: 25 minutes
    Collaboration with Iris Dupper, Funds provided by BMW Rome
    German Academy Villa Massimo, Rome June – Dec. 2006

Ritratto Romano (2006): Soundtrack to a video work of Christoph Brech
    Duration: 16minutes
Baby Duett (2006-09): Soundtracks to five video works by Swiss video artists Eberli/Mantel
    Duration: 27 minutes
Passage (2004): Soundtrack to a video work of Almut Determeyer
    Duration: 4 minutes

Drei Sätze für Streichtrio (1992) for violin, viola and cello
    Duration: 7 minutes
    First performance:     - March 1993, Aufenanger-Schülerkonzert - Bonn
              Conservatory students

Chip Maze I/II (1991) for computer-generated tape
    Duration: 4 minutes
    First presented April 1991 at the Institut für Neue Musik und Musikerziehung - Darmstadt

Seelenwanderung (1989) for two flutes, two clarinets and two French horns
    Duration: 6 minutes
    Commissioned by Markus Parusel
    First performance:     - January 1988, Gallerie Parusel - Bonn
              Conservatory students
Incidental music to Berthold Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle (1984) for voice and piano
    Duration: 8 minutes
    First performance:     - April 1984, International School Manila, Philippines