European Musical Creation Workshop


European Musical Creation Workshop 2013

Centro Imaginario de Estudios Artísticos, Madrid, Spain

The European Musical Creation Workshop is an initiative promoted since 2009 by the Centro Imaginario de Estudios Artísticos which aims to contribute to the professional consolidation of young composers as well as to the development of cooperative networks between composers, players, audiences and promoters. 
This is based on two main concepts: contemporary artists’ professional consolidation depends on both specialization and international meeting opportunities; the celebration of cultural diversity enriches local perspectives, increases opportunities for collaborations, and promotes meaningful learning that holds promise to develop a more open and tolerant citizenry. An assembly constituted by both, the production team, as well as the resident professors and ensemble, gives the artistic direction of the project.
The European Musical Creation Workshop is addressed to young composers, music students and enthusiasts and the general audience. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation supports the European Musical Creation Workshop in 2013.

January – June 2013
Vitoria, Madrid, Sueca, Cullera, Bilbao, Spain

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