International Klangspuren Ensemble Modern Academy 2013, Symposium and Concert

Klangspuren, Schwaz Tirol, Austria

"New Music and Romantic Legacy" is the guiding theme running throughout Klangspuren 2013. The choice of Composer-in-Residence and the works for the academy will aim to closely dovetail with the main theme of the festival which it will explore in a two-day symposium to which both musicologists and composers are invited. The issue of the legacy of Romanticism in view of present-day music is as delicate as it is topical. How significant and inspiring that incredibly productive era must be for today’s musicians? One whose great works managed, even with a touch of irony, to bring both reason and enlightenment, emotion and passion into a bold yet fragile harmony – an artistic movement that in the enlightening awareness of history surged with force into the future breaking molds by shifting its own limits to in turn create new molds.

There is a plethora of works that explore the Romantic legacy in a wide variety of ways. Departing from the central idea of universal poetry there are works that refer directly to and paraphrase musical and literary works of the Romantic period, there are ones that allude directly to Romanticism by picking up on its gesture and rhetoric and there are stances whose musical articulation and idiom are in no way reminiscent of Romanticism but whose authors do still seem to be driven by a universal poetic vigor comparable with the Romantic spirit. 

Alongside a selection of thematically relevant and significant works that are studied and presented by the invited soloists/ensembles and academy participants, debut and premieres will also be presented. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting Klangspuren 2013. 

September 9 – 23, 2013
Innsbruck, Austria

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