Studio Dan spielt…

Studio Dan – Verein für Neue Musik, Vienna, Austria

In cooperation with the Theater am Ortweinplatz in Graz and its artistic director the ensemble Studio Dan has developed a children’s concert that adapts the cornerstones of the ensemble’s artistic profile to a child-friendly form of expression. This approach includes a comprehensive line-up and contemporary tonal language as well as the use of improvisation. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting the implementation and further development of the concept in 2012.

In all its projects Studio Dan aspires to a new form of musical and aesthetic independence. The categorical constrictions of the modern music business with its demands unrelated to art also set the tone in the field of the experimental and avant-garde. Artistic evaluation is now preceded by categorization and labeling in all areas. Unbiased consideration of artistic positions seems a category one cannot expect “in the business”.
Studio Dan still works largely unrecognized to promote the furthest possible fusing of heterogeneous, often antagonistic forms of expression. The intangibility of the result seems to constitute a provocation in many quarters – thereby addressing the artistic effort to find a singular stance and a contribution to aesthetic discourse.

October 2013 
Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria

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