Comosition Comission to Aureliano Cattaneo

netzzeit, Vienna, Austria

<xml></xml>With his project “Parole di settembre” composer Aureliano Cattaneo has joined forces with the artistic duo Alexander von Arotin and Serghei Victor Dubin to research the person and works of Italian Renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna on the basis of a poetry cycle by Edoardo Sanguineti. The aim is to explore Mantegna’s imagery, the spectacular use of perspective in his painting and the source of fascination his creative work undoubtedly provides for people in the 21st century. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation will be supporting this composition commission granted to Cattaneo.

In formal terms this musical imagery will be transposed into a three-part Lied cycle for counter tenor (Daniel Glogger), soprano (Claron Mc Fadden) and baritone (Otto Katzameier) – whose parts will be introduced and/or connected by madrigali frottole. Careful and cautious visual transposition of the textual ideas was developed by the composer in cooperation with the two video artists over a two-year period. With their visuals Arotin & Serghei attempt to follow on today from Mantegna’s approach, pointing into the void and thereby into the sound. Consequently, the (our) project surfaces for stage construction planned by Arotin & Serghei remain entirely empty or are only inhabited in a very fragmented way before the last third of the evening when individual images by Mantegna emerge. The stage installation includes all those involved in the active imagery. 

October 6, 2013
Venice Biennale, Teatro alle Tese, Italy 

October 10, 2013
Wiener Konzerthaus, Austria 

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