Adriana Hölszky, Photo: © 2007 by Mozarteum, Salzburg


Composition commission issued to Adriana Hölszky

Nationaltheater Mannheim, Germany

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting Mannheim National Theater’s composition commission to Adriana Hölszky for the musical theater piece "Böse Geister" (after Dostoyevsky’s novel "The Devils", entitled "Böse Geister" (Bad Spirits) in the new translation by Swetlana Geyer, libretto: Yona Kim). The piece relates the question as to the meaning of a new order with that of a philosophy of revolution and, at the same time, provides a penetrating study of power. Replacement of the fathers’ generation becomes a seizing of power that creates a chaos of opinions and only apparent consolidation after a war. This is not a uniquely Russian problem but a general one spanning all eras and all countries.

June – July 2014
Nationaltheater Mannheim, Germany

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