Composition Commission to Philipp Maintz

work in progress – Berlin, Germany

work in progress – Berlin has for 25 years now been devoted to tracing the key tendencies and pioneering trends in contemporary music. The musicians, in their current international line-up since 2004, are equally dedicated to exploring major works of the last few decades and the establishment of lesser known, yet interesting works in the general repertoire of contemporary music.
The 25th anniversary of work in progress – Berlin has now provided the occasion for a series of anniversary concerts that focus centrally on the work of Giacinto Scelsi and his improvisations on the ondiola and its notation as orchestral works. The aim is to transform the improvisation into solid composition. The works "Septemberalbum" by Phillipp Maintz after poems by Ron Winkler also focus on the processes of transformation. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation will be supporting this new version of the September album songs. This will transform the cycle that Maintz originally wrote for piano and song for Marisol Montalvo in 2010 into a version for soprano and ensemble.

Winter, 2013
Radialsystem, Berlin, Germany

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