Composition Commission to Ying Wang, Aziza Sadikova und Jelena Dabic

Kasseler Musiktage e.V., Germany

The “Kasseler Musiktage” festival will be holding a concert in November 2013 that will focus on the world of fairy tales against the backdrop of Kassel’s 1,100th anniversary celebrations, the 80th anniversary of the Kasseler Musiktage and the important involvement of the Brothers Grimm in this town.
With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation three composers from three different cultures – China, Uzbekistan and Serbia – will each be commissioned with a fairy story from their cultural sphere and also with the task of “transposing this into music”. This aim is to ensure that we as the audience understand the content of each fairy tale experiencing it in its own specificity. The three composers selectedare: Ying Wang (China), Aziza Sadikova (Uzbekistan) and Jelena Dabic (Serbia).

November 1, 2013
Ständesaal des Landeswohlfahrtsverbandes Hessen, Kassel, Germany

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