Boston Musica Viva


Composition commissions issued to Judith Weir, Andy Vores and Samuel Headrick

Boston Musica Viva, USA

The Boston Musica Viva has commissioned a children’s ballet from American composer Samuel Headrick, to be premiered as part of Boston Musica Viva’s 20th Annual Family Concert in February of 2013. His work, entitled “The New Kid,” is about a girl who bravely responds to bullies at her new school.
Scottish composer Judith Weir is internationally-renowned for her operatic works. Keenly interested in folklore, her music draws from such diverse sources as Icelandic sagas, Chinese Yuan Dynasty dramas, and German Romanticism. She is a past resident composer for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and has composed works for the BBC and Boston Symphonies. For Boston Musica Viva, Judith Weir will compose Blue-Green Hill, a quintet for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and ‘cello loosely based on the Scottish folk song by the same name. In addition to these two works, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation also supports a composition commission issued to Welsh-American composer Andy Vores.

February 10, March 24, Fall of 2013
Tsai Performance Center, Boston, USA

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