Music theater by Johannes Maria Staud

Luzerner Theater, Switzerland

With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation poet Durs Grünbein and composer Johannes Maria Staud will be writing a new piece of music theater commissioned by the Luzerner Theater. Building upon their experiences cooperating on the monodrama "Der Riss durch den Tag" with Bruno Ganz (premiere: Dresden, June 2011) the author and composer will pursue for their new joint work the idea of an observing, rambling and commenting "lonely gentleman" who wanders through an urban dream (and nightmare) world. This is an (also satirical) exposure of modern habitats, a view through the magnifying glass at suppressed scenes and signs of social life in cities, a revelation of buried historical relationships.
Like in Dante’s Divine Comedy the urban wanderer is accompanied by different people and he moves – or rather staggers – from scene to scene in often surprising turns and dramatic leaps. Consequently, the work is made up of small, clearly defined scenes. The aim here is to present a kaleidoscope of many different situations that gradually combine into a larger whole.

September – November 2014
Luzerner Theater, Switzerland

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