Archipel 2013 – Contemporary Music Festival

Geneva, Switzerland

Archipel 2103 is spread over two weekends on the themes "Electric" and "Variety". Unlike their elders, many young composers transgress the border between art and pop music. From Berio's Folk Songs, to this young generation, Archipel will explore the union of art and pop under the umbrella of electricity. The "Variety" topic is an original and free mixture of serious music and entertainment. During the opening event night the public will move freely in all the rooms of Maison Communale de Plainpalais to hear and see dozens of short concerts, installations, choreographic shows, happenings, all illustrating the use of electricity in modern art. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation supports Archipel in 2013.

March 16 – 24, 2013
1. Maison Communale de Plainpalais
and Pitoëff Theater, Geneva, Switzerland

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