Werk und Gehalt in der Neuen Musik

Gesellschaft für Musik und Ästhetik, Horben, Germany

Werk und Gehalt in der Neuen Musik is the 9th volume in a series on New Music published by Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Franklin Cox and Wolfram Schurig at the Wolke Verlag publishing house. 
With the advent of new media and its related disassociation of material, author and authorship the question as to the work, its meaning and semantics is now more relevant than ever. The complexity of the categories "Werk" and "Inhalt" (work and content) is already reflected in the fact that these notions can scarcely be adequately translated into English – the English-language volume consistently leaves the terms in the German original, indeed already in the title. What is also particularly interesting in this context is the fact that the volume includes both English and German-speaking authors and their perspectives. On 250 to 300 pages 13 composers provide an insight into their work.

July 2014
Gesellschaft für Musik und Ästhetik, Hofheim, Germany

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