French-German Connections: A Workshop on Isabel Mundry and Rafael Cendo

Ecce Ensemble, Cambridge, USA

Planned jointly by the Ecce Ensemble and the Goethe Institute Boston, this workshop on the work of German composer Isabel Mundry and her French colleague Rafael Cendo includes master classes and lectures as well as two portrait concerts supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. Rehearsals for these concerts will be held together with the composers and will be open to the public.
The workshop and, more specifically, the two concerts aim to help sound out the musical relationships between Germany and France since the Second World War as well as build a bridge over the Atlantic Ocean by presenting two leading European composers to the lively Boston music scene.

The program of the Mundry portrait concert includes:
Liaison (2007), Sandschleifen (2006), the Dufay Fragmente (2003/2004) as well as Die Vorüberlaufenden (2003).

The portrait concert on Cendo will include: 
Furia for violoncello and piano as well as Rokh (2011-12). 

October 2 and 5, 2014
Goethe Institute Boston, Northeastern University and Harvard University

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