Klangspuren International Ensemble Modern Academy

Klangspuren Schwaz, Austria

Already back in 1994 the theme at Klangspuren was Northern Europe. 20 years later the festival is now once again exploring the theme of Scandinavia. In Schwaz traditions and instruments of the festival region of the Tyrol meet with those from the far north: the Hardanger fiddle and the joik. Two Composers in Residence will represent the two regions: Wolfgang Mitterer (Tyrol) and Rolf Wallin (Norway). In addition, Norway’s Lars Petter Hagen has also been invited as a composer for the Ensemble Modern concert. Once again at the start of the academy works with smaller line-ups will be elaborated and these will then be performed as part of the “rent a musician” project for private individuals. This will promote close relationships between musicians, composers and the population and interested parties will be introduced to the festival and encouraged to form long-term links with it.
Thanks to the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation – which already supported Klangspuren Schwaz in the previous year – young professional musicians in Schwaz have the chance to familiarize themselves with and learn to play contemporary music, both under professional conditions and with the guidance of experienced composers and musicians, while also being able to explore a topical context at the same time. 

September 2-15, 2014
Klangspuren Schwaz, Austria 

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