Ultima Academy 2014: Music – Meeting Point – Knowledge Exchange

Ultima Festival for Contemporary Music, Oslo, Norway

With a program consisting of lectures, workshops and panel discussions the Ultima Academy – held annually as part of the Ultima Festival – attempts to convey an impression of the link between contemporary music theory and practice.
Supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation the academy is aimed at music and composition students as well as students and exponents of related disciplines and arts.
In 2014 the academy is devoted to the concept of the “nationhood” in music. Regardless of whether the term reflects cultural, legal or geopolitical dimensions – the idea of “nationhood” is always closely linked to notions of belonging, political ideas or even ideologies. In particular in the field of music it is worth realizing how national identities are constructed and articulated. However, the academy in 2014 will also shed light on the relationship of power, authority and musical practice. Here it will explore concepts and issues as well as their aesthetic abstractions – that have seldom been of such great importance as they are in today’s globalized world.  

September 10–20, 2014
Oslo, Norway

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