Photo: Richard Stöhr


Teufels Küche: Composition Commission awarded to Moritz Eggert

KinderKinder e. V., Hamburg, Germany

Obviously, the devil is in the detail and the detail is in the kitchen, in the sound kitchen to be precise. Here three musicians will embark upon pleasurable and virtuoso border crossings as sound cooks, as it were, for Moritz Eggert’s music. The composition commission will be funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. 
The basic idea behind Teufels Küche is the attempt to familiarize children (and grown-ups) with the varied spectrum offered by music. Forming centerstage here is the acoustic creative process of musical material not normally termed as music. For this the musicians not only play their instruments (clarinet, cello and percussion/electronics), but also anything else making interesting noises and sounds. The related concert events will be embedded into a wordless plot. Everything that happens could occur in a kitchen – here music is to be visibly ‘cooked’ for children out of very different materials. In alternation, the sounds arising from ingredients and cooking utensils will be placed centerstage, sometimes electronically magnified and distorted, then accompanied again by the instruments to be imitated and further shaped until a very new piece of music rings out in the interplay between activities and instruments. Obviously, the devil also makes his appearance: he changes the sound of the objects and ingredients, swops round which sounds belong to which utensils and thereby creates fantastic confusion. This confusion is not only intended as fun deception for the ears but also aims to sharpen children’s sense of sound for concentrated listening. 

November 7 – 10, 2014
Kampnagel, Hamburg

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