7 years/7 portraits

Ensemble Nikel, Qiryat Tivo'n, Israel

To mark its seven years of existence in 2014 Ensemble Nikel is planning this new concert series titled 7 years / 7 portraits in which the ensemble will realize a combination of new or recent works in Israel that were developed (commissioned, produced, performed) under the umbrella of publicly and financially established festivals in Europe but were unavailable for performance for the Israeli audience. This series will be supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. To this end the ensemble has gathered together seven composers with whom it has been collaborating since 2007. The aim here is to create an aesthetic panorama that reflects on the ensemble's work over the years outside of Israel together with a focus on the diversity of stylistic interests characterizing the group. Each concert will be dedicated to a different composer with a variety of pieces – some performed already (such as Donaueschingen 2012) or scheduled to be performed abroad only (such as Wien Modern 2013, Darmstadt 2014) together with complementary repertoire making the portrait concerts a rich experience reflecting on both the composers’ and ensemble's output. The seven composers are: Pierluigi Billone, Chaya Czernowin, Philippe Hurel, Clemens Gadenstätter, Stefan Prins, Marco Momi & Michael Wertmüller. 

March 12–13, May 17–18, September 9–10, December 3–4, 2014, February 12–13, 2015 
FBMC Hall Tel Aviv & Haifa University Hall, Israel 

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