Ensemble Studio 6 – concert season 2014

CK13 Youth Center, Novi Sad, Serbia

Ensemble Studio 6 is a project consisting of four concerts and four accompanying workshops. The concert series is to be supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. In the first concert five duets by Bernhard Gander, Chikage Imai, Mauro Cardi, Svetlana Maraš and Peter Ablinger will be performed – all being Serbian first or even debut performances. The second concert is dedicated to the work of Briton Richard Barrett. In the third concert the audience will be presented the solo works of the Italian composer Franco Donatoni. Concluding the series in December will be a concert featuring works featuring multimedia elements and written by young, European composers – including Simon Steen Andersen, Eva Reiter and Jagoda Szmytka.

March, June, September and December 2014
CK13 Youth Center, Novi Sad, Serbia

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