Ergon Ensemble Project II

Ergon Ensemble, Athen, Griechenland

Since its official founding in 2008, the Ergon Ensemble has presented various programs featuring extremely demanding works held in the Athens Concert Hall, at the Athens Festival, the Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, the Goethe Institut Athen and other venues in Athens. As part of a new phase of its continuous development the Ergon Ensemble now wants to begin a series of original and innovating productions which combine different forms of performing arts, such as music theater and video, which will form the main landmark in the course of the 2013/14 artistic period. This year’s activities will begin with a concert as part of the conference The triple voyage: musical interchanges between Greece, France and Germany from 1945 until today. This conference will take place at Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall and will be co-organized by Goethe Institut Athen and L’Institut Français de Grèce (11/29/2013). This aforementioned concert, supported by Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, will be followed by a major music theater production, presenting two works by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies at Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall: Miss Donithorne’s Maggot and Vesalii Icones will be performed, staged and choreographed by a major Greek choreographer, Konstantinos Rigos. Another concert featuring music by some of the best-known contemporary composers of our time will be presented under the title Minima-Maxima, also at the Megaron. Programmed performances in Athens are completed with a second major music theater production, performed at the same venue: City lives by the Greek composer Alexandros Mouzas. This production involves a music piece for four voices and ensemble, combined with various multimedia techniques. 

April 8, May 9–10, September 14, 2014 
Megaron-Athens Concert Hall, Greece 

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