KLANGRAUSCHEN – Concert Series for Contemporary Music

Verein Neue Kunst Lübeck, Germany

Called into existence in 2011 the "KLANGRAUSCHEN" concert series for contemporary and experimental music is considered Lübeck’s latest mouthpiece for the diverse range of music creativity the city boasts today. By often venturing into unfamiliar terrain the concerts broaden horizons and break down listening prejudices. At KLANGRAUSCHEN music is presented at the highest level by charming and lively hosts. This makes it possible to also make highly topical works and often premieres exciting even to “untrained ears”. At this concert series the performers of New Music are literally at eye level with the audience; this means new playing techniques or unfamiliar instruments can be made tangible. The series particularly focuses on crossovers: today’s new music often breaks down those genre divisions between so-called serious and entertaining music. The borders can, for instance, already blur with the use of new media. So multi-media focuses and genre overlaps, such as between performance, dance, theater and installation, make up a key component of the concept. Artists involved in the six concerts supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation during the 2013/2014 season include Corinna Harfouch (spoken word), Hermann Heisig (dance), the RADAR ensemble, Frauke Aulbert, Daniel Agi and the Eva Zöllner/Max Marcoll Duo. Arising from this are cross-genre productions featuring spoken word and dance which may also involve light projections and fine art. The program also includes premieres by Burkhard Friedrich, Neele Hülcker, Sergej Newski, Alexandra Filonenko and Vladimir Rannev. 2013/2014 Concert Season Essigfabrik, Lübeck, Germany 

June, August, September 2013 
Mainz, Germany, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Wroclaw, Poland 

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