Photo: Marco Borggreve


Peter Eötvös: Paradise Reloaded (Lilith)

Städtische Theater Chemnitz gGmbH, Deutschland

Peter Eötvös’ opera derives from Adam’s first wife – Lilith. Created as his equal, in the Bible her existence is concealed. However, legend has it that God drove her out of paradise; in spite, or indeed because, of this today she serves as the image of the independent and self-determined woman. 
In his opera Eötvös has Lilith meet Lucifer who also has a conflict to fight out with God. It is Lilith’s hope that with Lucifer’s help she can win Adam back and have his child but they meet Adam and Eve together and Eve confronts Lilith with hostility. Lucifer takes Adam, Eve and Lilith on a journey through the past, present and future to find another paradise. In war and destruction Adam is in danger of doubting humanity while Lilith continues to pursue her plan. In the end Lucifer returns disillusioned to God. Both Eve and Lilith are pregnant by Adam. In an interview about the work on the occasion of the Viennese premiere Eötvös said: “This obviously raises a question – if children by both Lilith and Eve were born in the same period and carried on their line over the generations we do not know from which primordial mother we come from. From Lilith or Eve? I think the answer is both!” The premiere of the opera already received the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation – the current project now aims to make it possible to stage a new production of the successful musical theater.

March 21, 25, 28 and April 14, 18, 2015 
Chemnitz Opera House

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