STYX orfeo's past now

Orpheus GbR Munich, Germany

Behind the production company “Orpheus GbR” realizing the project “STYX orfeo's past now” supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation are Martina Veh, Christopher Robson and Alexander Strauch – three artists on Munich’s independent music and theater scene: “Our idea is to create a new piece of music theater that explores demographic change: Orpheus has grown old and now looks back on the past. As a company we are interested in the development of new forms of music theater at a time of change and the venue we have chosen for this is the public space of a museum inhabited by casts of an ancient world of ideas in the form of sculpture.” What is new about this project is its treatment of the different levels of time and space which are drawn here into the “ancient” tale of Orpheus and Eurydice: an old Orpheus awaiting his forthcoming retirement as a museum guard in an “evidence room” of our cultural roots; exhibits whose last task it is to document the departing era of a fading humanism and which have still not managed to find their due place in the exhibition; a woman named “Eurydice” whose very presence intersperses Orpheus’s soundscape (= the music of Monteverdi) with the sounds of new music, thereby threatening to drown out the memories of an old man. The museum space thus also becomes a receptacle of things ad absurdum. The project aims to form a swirling crisscross of spatial, past, present, future, private, public, audio and visual habits. 

March 20 and April 21 and 22, 2014 
Museum für Abgüsse Klassischer Bildwerke (Museum of Casts of Classical Statues), Munich, Germany 

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