Photo: Georg Schreiber


Wind und Schatten. Zwei Konzerte kuratiert von Manfred Trojahn

E-MEX e.V., Essen, Germany

Run in collaboration with E-MEX-Ensemble this project is an opportunity for composer Manfred Trojahn, whose main work certainly draws on the genres of vocal music and musical theater, to once again turn his attention to chamber music. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting the concert curated by Trojahn.
The E-MEX-Ensemble will be staging a particular highlight from Trojahn’s chamber music work in the form of a performance of his ensemble piece Toutes les choses sont passées comme l'ombre et comme le vent (Jean Hugo) «Journal pour ensemble» cahier 1 (1997). One of the most important relationships highlighted in the program is the one between Trojahn and his student Jan Masanetz, whose Rhymers Ayre(2006/2009) for clarinet, violoncello and percussion will be performed. Jan Masanetz is also a student of Wolfgang Rihm and his composition makes reference to the latter’s work Deploration (1973) for flute, violoncello and percussion. Here it will be possible to hear both the link between a student and his teacher as well as his own independent artistic development. 
Featuring a new work by Henry Fourès (2013) for violin and percussion (hi-hat only) the evening premiere will create a counterpoint to Trojahn’s musical creativity, indeed providing a very unique dialog with Wilhelm Killmayer’s work Kaskaden for clarinet and violoncello as well as with other pieces performed on the evening.

November 29, 2014 
Forum VHS at Museum Köln – Concert

December 9, 2014 
domicil Dortmund – Concert

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