ensemble recherche: Klaus Huber – Homage on his 90th Birthday

Lucerne Festival, Switzerland

Klaus Huber, who alongside Heinz Holliger is one of Switzerland’s most famous composers, will be celebrating his 90th birthday in 2014. His works were regularly performed at the Lucerne Festival. In 1994 he was composer-in-residence, and his most recent compositions in particular – Ecce hominesDie Seele muss vom Reittier steigenLamentationes Sacrae et Profanae ad Responsoria IesualdiMiserere hominibus and Intarsioso – played a major role in the festival over the past few years.

As a Professor in Freiburg Klaus Huber co-initiated the founding of ensemble recherche in 1985 – an ensemble that has now performed more than 500 premieres over a period of nearly 30 years.

These aspects will be picked up on in the homage concert to Klaus Huber. Two of Huber’s key ensemble works will form the framework here for three premieres – compositions by Heinz Holliger, Brice Pauset and Klaus Steffen Mahnkopf inspired by Klaus Huber. Each in their very own individual way, these three composers will pay the greatest respect to the idiosyncratic and often also unconventional but unswerving composer with their new works. 


September 13, 2014

Lukaskirche, Lucerne


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