Fausto Romitelli 2014 – BeforeZero: artists in residence

Milano Musica, Italy

The project BeforeZero is the highlight and the synthesis of the 2014 Festival Milano Musica. It aims to celebrate of recognition of Romitelli’s art by the young generation and to honor the cultural bond of Romitelli with Milan and artists of his generation. In a four-day festival within the Festival, including two concerts and three open events in the same venue, BeforeZero is also the highlight of the artistic convergence of the mdi ensemble and RepertorioZero after three years (2012–2014) of artistic and organizational residency at Milano Musica. 
The annual artistic program includes a concert for each of the groups within the Festival, endorsing new commissions along with collateral activities together with the audience. 
For the 2014 Festival, supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, the two concerts are based on the idea of absence of boundaries. The first one, with Romitelli’s two Domeniche alla periferia dell’impero and a new commission by Emanuele Casale, proposes a disoriented space-time dimension, in which the only possible state of mind is a sort of hectic immobility and psychedelic trance. The second concert (the last one of the Festival) attempts to establish a dialog beyond the boundaries of space and time. 

November 11–15, 2014 
Piccolo Teatro Studio, Milan, Italy 

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