Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, Frankfurt, Germany

For its 4th edition the multi-genre festival FREISPIEL will be placing the audience in the thematic spotlight. And in its anniversary year on its 40th birthday the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie will be celebrating that group of people without whom music and art would be inconceivable. Since it is only through the willingness of the audience to open up to and explore artistic content that a composition, performance/interpretation or the creation of art is complete. To a certain degree, the recipient concludes the artistic work and brings it to life. It is therefore all the more surprising that the audience in fact very rarely plays a role in the development of the work’s content. Instead, it is and remains locked into its role as a consumer of art and culture. However, these listeners and observers in fact play a path-breaking role in music and art history. It is the audience that decides on the success or failure of an artistic work – whether this be by generating demand or disinterest or by reacting and thus commenting on the works seen and heard. The Junge Deutsche Philharmonie focalizes this and other audience-related phenomena under the heading “PUBBLICO”, the Italian both for audience and public. This title already highlights one key aspect: exposing one’s self to the audience always also means going public. Regardless of whether this is in the intimate confines of a private concert or in front an audience of millions – the work is taken from the protective custody of its authors and performers and laid open for debate. It has to hold its own and convince people on the basis of its own artistic strength. Supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation FREISPIEL 2014 will be presenting a series of events approaching the audience from a variety of perspectives, holding a mirror up to it, questioning its role and allocating it new tasks, indeed challenging it… 

August 10–17, 2014 
Different Venues in Berlin, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Germany 

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