Mozart – trazoM: MozartLabor and Music in the Mirror

Mozartfest Würzburg, Germany

Contemporary music is now also making its mark on the traditional Mozartfest Würzburg, one of the oldest music festivals around. Until now focusing strictly on Mozart, in 2014 the program will build a bridge to the present day: an “Artiste Etoile” or star artist – in 2014 Jörg Widmann – will now explore the festival’s namesake and guiding light under the heading “Mozart – trazoM” in so-called mirror concerts. Alongside the presentation of their own works and debut performances placed within the context of Mozart, other composers will now also be performed whose creativity is impacted by mirroring processes as a form of aesthetic potential. At the MozartLabor – a lab of multi-disciplinary encounters between musicians, composers, scholars, publicists, philosophers, video artists, sound researchers and other creative artists – new and the very latest works of musical literature are focalized from a variety of perspectives in line with the festival’s annual motto. The “Artiste Etoile” provides key impulses in tune with his profile. The results elaborated at the MozartLabor will be then presented in a special series of events to be covered in the media. 

May 23–June, 19 2014
Exerzitienhaus Himmelspforten, Residenz Würzburg, Germany 

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