NODO 2014: New Opera Days Ostrava

Ostrava Center for New Music, Czech Republic

The central focus of the New Opera Days Ostrava (NODO) is to explore and investigate the meaning of musical theater in the 21st century. Within the context of the Czech Republic, the New Opera Days Ostrava is a unique effort providing a major venue for the creation of new operas. This is the only possible platform for the exploration of new operas on a regular basis in the Czech Republic so it promises to have a major impact on the development of new operas on the Czech (and Slovak) music scene. 
In 2014 the New Opera Days Ostrava NODO festival, supported by EvS Music Foundation, will feature five operas by living composers from Switzerland, Austria, Canada, and the Czech Republic. The program will present two world premieres of works composed for NODO (Smolka, Kotik), a European premiere (Komorous) and a Czech premiere (Lang). As a joint project, NODO utilizes the expertise in new music at the Ostrava Center for New Music (OCNM), and in theater production at the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre (NDM). The combined efforts of these two institutions ensure the best results in the exploration, experimentation and implementation of new ideas and possibilities in music theater. 

June 25–28, 2014 
Antonín Dvořák Theatre, Ostrava, Czech Republic 

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