Usinesonore festival 2014

Association Usinesonore, Bévilard, Switzerland

Festival Usinesonore 2014 has in store seven concerts and a permanent exhibition focusing on a variety of thematic aspects. The performance concept of the festival was specially designed for the venue itself: a former factory. Ringing out within the factory halls will be works by the likes of Rudolf Kelterborn (CH), Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber (CH-F), Jacques Demierre (CH), Emmanuel Séjourné (F) and Pascal Viglino (CH). The audience will be assisted in their discovery of both the music and the physical space with the help of an audio guide and an actor. Without doubt the highpoint of the festival will be a concert featuring the Arditti Quartet supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation – although the evenings featuring Paris ensemble L’Instant donné as well as other internationally performing ensembles also promise to be great experiences. Featuring in the festival program this year alongside a piece of music theater for adults will also be a premiere for children – a piece based on the children’s book Le Petit Chaperon Chinois by Marie Sellier and Catherine Louis. 

March 12–15, 2014
Malleray-Bévilard, Switzerland 

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