Compositions for the Audible Space: Early Electro-Acoustic Music until approx. 1980 and its Contexts

TU Berlin, Audiokommunikation EN8, Germany 

Supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation this symposium is dedicated to the detailed focus and analysis of compositions which include architectural spaces in their very concepts. Since about the mid-20th century, processes and devices have been developed by engineers and composers that simulate variable room sizes, place real or virtual sources of sound within the space and then move them around; toying with echo and reverberation effects is also part of this catalog of artificially produced spatial sounds. In order to also explore these sounds in both the topical and historic context now not only scholars and composers dealing with the topic but also sound engineers working in this field are to be invited to the conference. A special focus will lie on change as well as on continuities that can be observed in the use of the spatial concept and in the ensuing compositions. The symposium is open to all those with an interest in this field. A volume accompanying the conference will group together all the results and thus make these accessible beyond the limits of the event. 

July 9-11, 2014
TU Berlin, Germany