Photo: Marco Borggreve


The Ligeti Project – Internet Platform on the Piano Music of György Ligeti

Stiftung Klavier-Festival Ruhr, Essen, Germany

In 2014 the Klavier-Festival Ruhr (KFR) is holding a large-scale project for the appreciation of György Ligeti’s piano music in collaboration with the pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Forming the centerpiece here is a website essentially consisting of three sections and thus three focal points of musical appreciation: 
“Performing Ligeti” specifically looks to performers – professionals, teachers as well as advanced students. In addition to current videos, relevant source materials from the  Paul Sacher Stiftung’s Ligeti Collection as well as historic film documentation (interviews with Ligeti) film sequences from Ligeti master classes led by Aimard are to be included which were held at the KFR and at the Aldeburgh Festival.
“Discovering Ligeti” is aimed at offering insight into Ligeti’s work to a wider audience. For this, interactive scores are posted allowing users to explore Ligeti’s work in depth with the help of multimedia commentaries (explanations of musical background and playing technique, references to works by other composers, to African music, questions of natural science etc.) and other functions. 
In the “Education Projects” section music teachers, musical mediators and other interested parties are given numerous ideas on how to convey Ligeti’s work to others. 

Summer 2014 until the End of 2015

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