performing voice – Vocalization in the Focus of Applied Performance Practice

Hochschule für Musik Basel, Switzerland

Exploration of the human voice, of its potential particularly in the field of new forms and functions of vocalization, is one of the most dynamic fields of experimentation in art there is. The artistic and scholarly symposium performing voice aims to take up the current discourse and to open up new perspectives by dovetailing theory and practice. Music practitioners and musicologists of different generations as well as students contribute to the discourse on the diverse opportunities and prerequisites of the vocal medium. The formats deployed here range from academic lectures through to artistic performance and enable a flowing transition between scholarly and practical musical presentation formats. The symposium supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is a cooperation between Berne’s art academy Hochschule der Künste Bern and Basel’s music academy Hochschule für Musik Basel. Different departments from both academies are to be involved here, in particular those focusing on Théâtre Musical and the Master’s in Specialized Performance of Contemporary Music. This will open up an opportunity for students of the most varied of subjects to encounter leading figures in the field of new and contemporary music.

Berne and Basel
November 27–29, 2014

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