Photo: Manu Theobald


Looking Backward, Thinking Forward: Composition Commission issued to Hans Thomalla

Spektral Quartet, Chicago, USA

The repertoire of the Spektral Quartet covers the traditions of chamber music through to Haydn as well as the most up-to-date developments in this musical genre. Consequently, the quartet is equally committed to the performance of great works like Beethoven and Bartók as it is to contemporary works. Its already proven collaboration with Hans Thomalla is now to result in the commissioning of a 25 to 30-minute piece for string quartet. Hans Thomalla’s music features exactly those kinds of parameters that seem important to the Spektral Quartet in the (further) development of a musical genre that is their own: tradition that is translated into a new musical vocabulary and is thereby extended.
The commissioned piece supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is initially planned for four concerts but is then to be included in the Spectral Quartet’s fixed repertoire. 

January/February 2016
University of Chicago, Logan Center for the Arts; The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, New York; Bowling Green State University, Music at the Forefront; University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee; Unruly Music 

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