Raphael Cendo Composition Commission

Yarn/Wire, Ridgewood NY, USA

Yarn/Wire is commissioning Raphaël Cendo for a new 15-20 minute piece for two percussionists, 2 keyboard players and electronics. The ensemble will premiere the new piece at the end of April 2015 in the United States followed by other national and international dates. Yarn/Wire has chosen Cendo as a collaborator because of his unique stance towards noise and saturation of sound. In particular, Yarn/Wire chooses to work with Cendo at this moment because his music will act as an intriguing counterpoint to the pieces on its debut concert. This initial program will include major new works by Tristan Murail (Koussevitzky Foundation Commission) and Misato Mochizuki (FACE commission), which are being written for the ensemble. Cendo, who lives and works in Berlin, will develop this work over the next year and a half in close collaboration with Yarn/Wire, utilizing samples and recordings from the group to form the basis of his new work. The instrumentation will include keyboard as well as one piano in order to facilitate the performance of the work at venues which may not have two grand pianos available. Instruments chosen as the percussion battery will also be considered with attention to repeatability of the work.

April 2015
New York, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Boston, USA 

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