Photo: Achim Duwentäster


SCHATTENHAFT – Musical Theater

Ensemble L’ART POUR L‘ART, Winsen, Germany

The ensemble L'ART POUR L'ART has been giving composition classes to children aged 9 upwards since 1999. A group of young people from the composition class already look back on years of composition work. In 2012 they developed a wish to invent a piece of musical theater themselves. Under the broad term of “musical theater” – that offers scope for voices, instruments, stage, light and media – eight young composers aged 14 to 18 will embark upon a journey of “sense searching” in a delightful, cheeky, fun, magical and also absurd way – asking whether, and if so how, you can recognize and understand something. What does “understand” actually mean? A light bulb features in every scene, does light help? Is everything ambiguous anyway? Can’t you give everything at least two meanings? Why can’t things just be without any meaning? Many of the scenes will deal with these questions: the answers found are quite astonishing and unconventional – the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation will be supporting this play of expectations and bafflement.
Performing on the stage of Hanover State Theater will be the ensemble L'ART POUR L'ART with two female singers and an actor, a bathtub, a bicycle, snow, a radio and a figure by the name of Willi.

March 20/21/22, 2015
Ballhof 2, Staatsoper Hannover, Germany

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