Composition Commission issued to Salvatore Sciarrino

Beethovenfest Bonn, Germany

The Beethovenfest Bonn aims to prompt the most important composers of the present day to explore the innovative force of Ludwig van Beethoven. Every year between now and the Beethoven anniversary year in 2020 a new composition commission is to be written that relates to a piece of music by Beethoven. Starting in 2015 there will be a series of premieres each presenting a new exemplary work of one genre to the public. Through this a unique canon is to arise presenting a 21st century snapshot of the status of today’s musical creativity. As part of the Bonn festivities celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday all commissioned pieces will be scheduled closely together.

For the 2015 Beethovenfest Salvatore Sciarrino will be writing a new work that relates to Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Choral Fantasia”. The composition commission is receiving the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. In our view Salvatore Sciarrino’s sensitively nuanced tonal language, which does not shy from rhetorical gestures and theatrical approaches, fits magnificently with Ludwig van Beethoven’s demands of symphonic music in which an ideological (idealistic) dimension always plays a role, albeit at least to a certain extent.


September 12, 2015
Beethovenhalle Bonn

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