Kompositionsauftrag an Michalis Lapidakis

Thessaloniki State Orchestra, Greece

In the case of the concert plans of Thessaloniki State Orchestra the title “Triple Concert” is merely a descriptive, but informal term for a work in three movements which has been issued as a commission to the Greek composer Michalis Lapidakis. The entire work is to last some 35 to 40 minutes. Each of the three movements is based on a poem by Edward. E. Cummings, Allen Ginsberg and Samuel Beckett respectively. The composer himself chose the authors. Playing a role here was the fact that each of the poets represents their own literary and philosophical direction. Amongst other things, the composer has made it his task to sound out the relationship between literature and music.
Electronic music will not be played live but instead as recordings that also contain the original voices of the poets. In this way both a tonal and semantic link is created between the music and text. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting the composition commission.


Thessaloniki Concert House

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