17th Slowind Festival 2015 – Plays by Young and Old

Glasbeno drustvo Slowind, Ljubljana, Slowenia

Forming the core program of this year’s Slowind Festival are works by three outstanding international composers who will all be celebrating key birthdays in 2015: Pierre Boulez who will be 90 and Helmut Lachenmann and Georg Katzer both celebrating their 80th birthdays. Their musical works will be performed together with famous composers of the mid (Beat Furrer, Wolfgang Rihm) and younger generation (Michael Pelzel, Bruno Mantovani) as well as with selected Slovenian composers (Uroš Rojko, Nina Šenk, Matej Bonin, Bor Turel, Larisa Vrhunc and Vito Žuraj).
The festival is divided into three sections, the first of which is devoted to chamber musical works while the second deals with electronic compositions and the last is dedicated to percussion and larger line-ups.
The program does not intend to point the listener in any specific aesthetic direction but aims to awaken their willingness to accept new forms, sounds and noises.


19., 20., 21. und 25. Oktober 2015
Slowenische Philharmonie, Ljubljana

22. und 23. Oktober 2015
Studio 14, Radio Slowenien, Ljubljana

22., 23 und 24. Oktober 2015
Kulturzentrum Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

22. und 23. Oktober 2015
Philosophische Fakultät Ljubljana

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