Performing Vortex Temporum by Gerard Grisey, Vilnius 2020
Photo: ARTI foto

“Synaesthesis Ensemble is not an ensemble in the truest sense of the word, but rather a band that plays contemporary classical music. Their determination and visible unity create a mutual synergy which is reflected in their works. Maybe this is a good way to present contemporary music to listeners – through the character of old forms mixed with modern electro-acoustics”

Peter Crypich (quote from a concert review, Melos-Ethos Festival, Bratislava 2017)

Rehearsing Gerard Grisey´s Vortex Temporum, Vilnius 2016
Photo: Arminas Bižys

“Synaesthesis is a platform for a new generation of musicians to experiment with alternative methods of music creation in the 21st century – a curatorial approach in forming content, a non-hierarchical relationship with collaborators and a boldness on stage. The biggest challenge comes from the imbalance between our vision and the resources to realize it. The Ernst von Siemens Foundation Ensemble Prize will allow us to intensify our work, build a strong cultural organisation and – most importantly – reaffirm our belief that Synaesthesis is not a musical utopia, but a dream in the making. We are incredibly honored and thankful for the trust placed in our potential by the Ernst von Siemens Foundation as well as the international contemporary music community”

Marta Finkelštein, artistic director and pianist

Karolis and Marta with composer Peter Adriaansz, working on the composition Waves, Vilnius 2019
Photo: Arminas Bižys

“At the beginning of our work together as an ensemble, we had only intuitions and vague suppositions about music, perfor­mance and the role of music in the lives of both musicians and listeners. Today, eight years of intense work later, these intuitions and suppositions have reshaped themselves into specific questions, some of which do not necessarily require answers. We, as performers, as well as our listeners are travelling step-by-step down a road, one motion at a time, converting the theoretical perspective into a practical one. I am grateful to be part of this ensemble, being a ‘fellow traveller’ and learning from the experience”

Karolis Variakojis, conductor and co-founder of the ensemble

Photo: ARTI foto

“From the very early days, Synaesthesis was like a flow of energy which can not only be seen but also heard. For me personally, this energy is the most important part of the ensemble, because it fills the hall and invites the audience in to experience that energy with us”

Dominykas Digimas, composer and co-founder of the ensemble

Chanting the Synaesthesis mantra before the concert Waves at the International Gaida Festival, Vilnius 2019
Photo: Arminas Bižys

“Our pre-concert mantra changed during the years from ‘Whatever happens, happens!’ to ‘It is what it is!’, which is undoubtedly a natural evolutionary quality of a mature ensemble”

Pranas Kentra, guitar player

Performing Dreams of the Blind by Yannis Kyriakides, Vilnius 2018
Photo: ARTI foto

“Synaesthesis constantly spoils and challenges me with the most interesting experiences. But its very best quality is the mixture of diverse people who like playing good music, sharing a sense of humour and enjoying the ride”

Artūras Kažimėkas, clarinet player

Rehearsing Dreams of the Blind, Vilnius 2018
Photo: Marta Finkelštein

“In reviewing Synaesthesis’ creative work up until now, there are no doubts that this is the most striking and the most engaged Lithuanian new music ensemble. In the five years since its founding, the collective has already attracted attention not just in Lithuania but also abroad”

Quote by composer Mindaugas Urbaitis, Lithuanian Music Link magazine, 2018

“We could say that it is easy to become pioneers in Lithuania, but entities such as Synaesthesis demand respect. They knew what they wanted, they found their niche and, during only a short time, became unprecedented in Lithuania as a high-quality ensemble.”

Quote by composer Raimonda Žiūkaitė, Literature and Art, 2017

Artūras, Dominykas and Pranas after the rehearsal for the performance at the Crossroads Festival in Salzburg, Austria 2016

Celebration with violinist Diemantė after a concert in Nicosia, Cyprus 2019
Photo: Arminas Bižys

Swimming after performing Cool People Playing Strange Music at Kintai Music Festival, Lithuania 2018
Photo: Justina Variakojienė

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