Baden-Württembergische Ensemble-Akademie Freiburg

Ensemble Recherche / Freiburg Baroque Orchestra

Every year since 2004 the two bodies of musicians Ensemble Recherche and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra have been offering a jointly run academy for performance practice of Old and New Music. This academy is aimed at both advanced students of instrumental music and professional musicians. The Baden-Wurttemberg Ensemble Academy Freiburg (BWEAF) focalizes the differences and similarities of Old and New Music, both in practice and in theoretical discourse. It teaches that despite dating from very different eras there are numerous connections between the two in terms of interpretation and music theory. The core of the BWEAF is a one-week course held every September with one-to-one and chamber music lessons, orchestral courses, concerts, lectures and panel discussions etc. The theme of BWEAF 2010 is passion. Selected musical works are used to highlight the sensual passion for the "complex" and "structured" and the structures of "emotionally charged works". In addition to concerts given by the lecturers featuring works by Boulez, Ferneyhough, Saunders, Widmann, Haydn and Telemann there will also be panel discussions including one on "Emotion and New Complexity" with Henning Bey and Martin Kaltenecker.

September 6th – 12th 2010
Hochschule für Musik, Freiburg

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