Ensemble 2010

Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt

A meeting point for composers, interpreters, performers, sound artists, and scholars. For discovery, learning, networking, exchange and debate, collaboration, and – last but not least – invention. This is what the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music have in store.

ENSEMBLE 2010 at the 45th Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music is a modular project that is transparent from different angles. It specifically aims to take those circumstances affecting the practice of New Music into account and, for the first time, offers training options on a broad basis that are tailored to the work by, and with, New Music ensembles. In addition to the still continuing composition and interpretation classes at the summer courses the ENSEMBLE 2010 project pursues an integrated approach in which questions of interpretation, technique, aesthetics, performance practice etc. merge, are reflected upon and are translated by the different participants (musicians, composers, conductors, mentors). This also means the results are presented in concert.

Participants here are ensembles that have just been founded or who are at the start of their career as well as those who have already started generating international interest through to experienced, established ensembles. Added to this are loose formations of prize-winners only working together for one specific piece.

ENSEMBLE 2010 aims to open up opportunities to young composers for discussing, rehearsing and performing their works with ensembles and mentors: this especially also means a call for scores open until April 15th and the open reading sessions.

A priority at ENSEMBLE 2010 is to create a fruitful and sustainable working environment during the two-week summer courses and to stimulate practice-oriented debate on fundamental issues of the work of ensembles today as well as approaches and notation through to ensemble composition.

July 17th to 31st 2010
Various Venues, Darmstadt

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