Piano Book

Klavier-Festival Ruhr

With its education and grants-in-aid program the Klavier-Festival Ruhr wishes to fill people of all ages with the fascination of the world of piano and stimulate them to become actively involved in music. All too often new piano compositions remain within a closed circle of experts. This need not be the case as contemporary music can delight children and adults with very varying musical skills and interests – as demonstrated by the extremely successful series on contemporary piano music appreciation at the Klavier-Festival Ruhr. 

Capital of Culture year 2010 is a welcome occasion to continue the series with Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Tamara Stefanovich with a very special project. Commissioned by the Klavier-Festival Ruhr composers from the most varied European countries write short piano pieces to be compiled in a Piano Book. The new collection here is intended to not only extend piano repertoire but also make it possible for both piano students and advanced pianists to undertake initial explorations of contemporary music. For this purpose each composer will write both a two-hand and a four-hand piano piece, the easier part being suitable for playing by a student. Alongside Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Tamara Stefanovich students from their classes at Cologne’s music academy Hochschule für Musik plus young pianists from the Ruhr area will participate in the Piano Book premiere. Composers enlisted so far include Luke Bedford, George Benjamin, Johannes Boris Borowski, York Höller, Hanspeter Kyburz and Vassos Nicolaou. 

July 12th 2010 
Folkwang Hochschule in Essen-Werden

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