Abenteuer in Sachen Haut – Composition Commission issued to Mischa Käser

Collegium Novum Zurich

With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation the Collegium Musicum has issued a composition commission to Mischa Käser for the 2010/2011 concert season. The music theater "Abenteuer in Sachen Haut" relates to the novel fragment by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas entitled "Adventures in the Skin Trade" that also already inspired composer Olga Neuwirth to write a piece of music theater. This is the story of a 20 year old boy who leaves home, not to go anywhere in particular but simply to wait and see what he will encounter in the world. He allows himself to be played with like a puppet to then gradually mature spiritually and intellectually. The premiere will be performed at Schiffbau in Zurich in April 2011. Zurich’s Collegium Musicum will play under the baton of Johannes Kalitzke while the figures will be represented by puppets played by Vienna-based Kabinetttheater Wien. The composer was struck by the sparseness of gesticular and emotional variation particularly in the puppet world. An expressiveness that has its origins in concealing expression.

April 2011
Schiffbau Zurich

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