Composition Commissions issued to Boris Bell and Matthias Ockert

Klangsequenzen, Freiburg

"Trio Ruido" featuring Christoph Kirschke (saxophone) and the two composer-performers Boris Bell (percussion) and Matthias Ockert (electric guitar/electronic music) is a consistent attempt to perpetuate the idea of close collaboration with composers. The two composers provide the basic composition that all three then elaborate and develop further through improvisation. The electronic parts of the works, in particular, are explored in the practical development phases: the trio acts here more like a band than a classical ensemble – with the difference that they play chamber music with the freedom of jazz. With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation two composition commissions will be performed for the first time – at the Tempel venue in Karlsruhe and at Klangwerkstatt Berlin.

Fall 2010
Karlsruhe and Berlin

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