Go North! Composition Commission issued to Benjamin Schweitzer

Ensemble adapter, Berlin

adapter is a Berlin ensemble of international standing. German and Icelandic in line-up, it presents New Music within the global context. A focal point of their work is present-day chamber music in small orchestrations. In addition to combinations of its five regular intruments (flute(s), (bass) clarinet, harp, piano and percussion) the ensemble is complemented by other instrumentalists depending on the project. The regular and close collaboration with young composers from throughout the world forms the major part of the ensemble’s work. They also endeavor to feature a select repertoire of "classics" from the literature of New Music since 1950 adapter works in the most varied of contexts – be this in pure concert settings or in theater, dance and video performance. Irrespective of the particularities of a project emphasis is always placed on intensely involving all those concerned in the content and consistent realization of the project. 
Go North! is a project by Ensemble adapter that reflects the international flair and geographic focus of the German-Icelandic ensemble based in Berlin, Reykjavik and Helsinki in six compositions written for adapter. Two composers of the younger and youngest generations standing out with their very different aesthetics and tonal language are presented from each of the three participating countries Iceland, Finland and Germany. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is co-supporting the composition commission issued to Benjamin Schweitzer.

June, July, September 2010
Reykjavik, Iceland, Helsinki, Finland, and Berlin

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